Artwork for Sale

Buying a painting

Some of the paintings shown on this site are available for purchase this year. If you see a painting you particularly like, you are welcome to contact us to confirm.

Each painting is a one-off original composition, Waina does not do copies. Occasionally limited edition prints may be made available.

About the photos on

Please note that reproduction quality does vary: a simple internet picture cannot show the full detail or texture of the painting or fully capture the true colours of the painting under different lighting conditions.

If you want to see more detail, we may be able to send a higher quality image on request, alternatively, it may be possible to arrange private showings in central England, eg Oxfordshire, UK.
Once again, please contact us with your requirements.

Please note: the ‘’ logo is added to the internet images and does not appear on the originals.

Legal Notes

This site is under UK jurisdiction, read the legal notes for more information.

Packaging and Shipping notes

Calligraphic art

Unless otherwise specified in the notes underneath each painting, calligraphic art is on handmade rice paper and mounted on long silk scroll: this is a traditional format which is also cheaper and more secure for storage and shipping than pre-framed work. You may wish to frame the painting once you get it, but this is not necessary.

We can also frame painting for you, extra framing and shipping charges will apply.

Oils, Watercolours and Prints

Oils and Watercolours are normally unframed on canvas on board or directly on laminate. Exceptions and alternative media are normally indicated in the notes under each painting.

Prints and posters are normally unframed.