Waina Galleries

Waina Virtual Art Galleries

These galleries offer a permanent collection of Waina’s art on the internet.

“Yi Ci, Yi Nian, Yi Xiao” (the title calligraphy) literally translates as “One moment in time, One flash in thought, and, One smile.” The idea came from the Buddist saying “Million of years in One thought and One thought can consists of Million of years.” Waina feels that all things are temporary and are constantly changing in this universe and yet there is a perpetuity in everything. We can freeze an image to try to capture the Yi Ci Yi Nian and Yi Xiao, which is happening all the time. Waina tries to capture that precious moment in her paintings to be kept as permanent record.


Designer Jewellery – necklaces, pendants and other jewellery made with specially collected natural stones

Wildlife Portraits


Waina Chinese Calligraphic wildlife painting gallery

These paintings mostly use Chinese Calligraphic or Brush-stroke technique, but not traditional Chinese themes.
Waina developed this style into a new technique for wildlife painting: white space and selective composition are used to give emphasis to the features Waina wants to portray.   After Dinner (Tiger) (featured) has a tiger draped over a rock, the rock being only visible by its absence. In Waina’s world, a Crocodile can symbolise Peace, Zebras joy.


Wildlife portraits – a collection of works in oil and other media.

This collection shows a wide range of technique, from the detail of Morning Peace to the fabulous impressionist style of the Chameleon.
One of the most striking is the Robin, also produced as a Christmas Card, but in its original form the cheeky Robin is transformed into a 3ft high mythical creature staring out at you, its eyes seeming to follow you around the room.


Waina Watercolour paintings

These include a series of watercolour bird studies from the Solomon Islands which are remarkable for their attention to detail in the beaks, plumage and feet of the birds and the selected foliage.

Original Oils

Waina Original Oil paintings

A collection of paintings with a difference: some academic, some personal, some humorous – have a look and see for yourself.

  • Three Timepoints (Orchid) [featured] explores
    the representation of different points in time within the same painting: the idea of a ‘still life’ is taken to a new level as a falling flower is captured in the still life as time revolves the shadows around.
    Morning Snowdrops, Evening Shadow and Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow explore a similar theme.
  • Evening Sky (Red Ibis) uses mixed media with glass fragments to illustrate the glittering effect of evening sunlight over the lake.